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Core Products

  • Triple G

    Triple G

    This zesty ginger beer with 10% apple juice combines the restorative elements of ginseng with the energy boosting properties of guarana, putting a skip in your step without the caffeine.

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Citron Presse

    Citron Presse

    Based on a classic European cafe drink, serious refreshment is delivered in the form of real lemon juice, a touch of lime and aromatic bitters.

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Dry Cola

    Dry Cola

    Our lightly carbonated cola featuring a blend of herbal extracts delivers a classic cola taste*.  * 20% Less sugar than Margaret River Beverages Triple G

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Pink Lemon, Lime and Bitters

    Lemon Lime & Bitters

    Fresh lemon flavours, with a twist of lime and a dash of aromatic bitters. Enjoy it over ice on its own or as a mixer that will awaken your senses.

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Berry Fusion

    Berry Fusion

    Blending sparkling grape juice and mixed berry flavours with the complexity of chamomile and the therapeutic properties of St John's Wort.. Enjoy a moment of calm indulgence.

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Chilli Cola

    Chilli Cola

    An exciting blend of natural chilli extracts and classic cola. This is a fresh take on an old favourite with lime and a dash of guarana that will have your tastebuds crying out for more. 

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Vanilla Blu

    Vanilla Blu

    Fun, delicious and blue! Our Vanilla Blu crema soda is a wonderful treat for people of all ages. Pour it over a scoop of ice-cream for a bit of indulgence.

    12 Pack Carton $32.00

  • Premium Lemonade

    Premium Lemonade

    A new and innovative twist on the classic recipe, our Premium Lemonade delivers a refined flavour and dry finish. Enjoy it on its own or as the ideal mixer. 

    12 Pack Carton $32.00